Deliver static resource in Spring Boot application

Created by tumivn on 2015-09-20 01:09:51
This article is to guide you to serve static resources on Spring Boot application.

Building your first web application by using Spring Boot and Spring MVC 4

Created by tumivn on 2015-09-12 03:21:20
This tutorial is to guide you how to write a `Hello World` web application by using Spring Framework 4 (Spring MVC + Spring REST + Srping Boot).

Accessing Java Properties File In Spring Project

Created by tumivn on 2015-09-10 15:14:45
Java properties files (`*.properties`) are used for storing settings, or static texts, in Spring application, we need a comfort way to access properties file. Today, I will share you a way to help your Spring application accessing values in properties file.

Getting started with Spring JDBCTemplate

Created by tumivn on 2015-09-07 07:00:00
Today, JPA and ORM always is the default option when programming with Spring Framework and Relational Database. However, JDBC is still a powerful tool for accessing database, especially you don't want to access your database schema via a domain model, or you have to make a lot of calls to stored procedures.

How to build a fatjar

Created by tumivn on 2015-09-06 07:00:00
When running a .NET application or Java application, you sometimes have to face with missing libraries. And when programming a Java app with Maven, I want to have a single file that includes my libraries and all of their dependencies in just one executable file. It'll be easier for me to deploy it or running it. And luckily, we can configure it in Maven by using a maven plugin.

Getting Started With Spring

Created by tumivn on 2015-08-31 07:00:00
This is a tutorial to get started with Spring Framework

Getting started with Spring Annotations

Created by tumivn on 2015-08-31 07:00:00
n the last article, I introduced you about how to write a console application with Spring and by setting up ClassPathXmlApplicationContext context, however, I prefer to configure Spring application without using XML.

Applying localization to your Play! web application

Created by tumivn on 2015-07-12 07:00:00
Applying localization on Play Framework application is not very easy, because there is no tutorial for it, even on Play Framework official website. I think that every developer will struggle when applying localization to Play application. So I would like to share a short tutorial to make it works:

How to fix Java language level issue in Maven project

Created by tumivn on 2015-02-07 07:00:00
Java 1.8 and Java 1.7 have a lot of new good syntax for usages. However, when working with a Maven project, it will use Java 1.5 to compile our source code by default. If you use new features of Java like Lambda Expression, or try-with-resource, you may see some error like this when building project with maven

Why I am not a Microsoft fan anymore

Created by tumivn on 2015-01-25 07:00:00
In the past, I'm a Microsoft fan, it means that I try to use all of Microsoft softwares and devices instead of trying things from the others. But then, I found out that not all Microsoft softwares were good, and I've made a many changes:

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